McEldowney Academic Scholarship Fund

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Scholarship Recipients

The McEldowney Academic Scholarship Fund, in memory of Richard L. McEldowney, presented more than $20,000 in scholarships to Blair County schools. Money for the scholarships is raised through the annual Mac’s Irish Bash in March at the Jaffa Shrine Center, Altoona. Since 2004, the fund has provided more than $149,000. Parents and seniors may obtain information for the scholarships from or from school guidance counselors.

2014 Scholarship Recipients


 Front row—Austin Lamont, Claysburg-Kimmel High School; Emily Hanwell, Bellwood Antis High School; Andrea Luciano, Altoona Area High School, McEldowney Committee Scholarship; Chelsea Keller, Altoona Area High School; Emily Weiland, Claysburg-Kimmel High School; Alexa Patton, Tyrone Area High School; Brandan Ross, Williamsburg High School; Second row—Mike McDonough, president; Mackenzie Baker, Committee; Andrew Johnston, Central High School; Ryan Cox, Tyrone High School; Matthew Keefer, Bishop Guilfoyle High School; Dave McEldowney, Trustee; Eileen McEldowney, chair-woman; Patrick Weber, Hollidaysburg Sr. High School; Josh Gilbert, G.A.C.& T.C.; Don McDonough, Vice-president. Absent for photo were Nicolas Franks, Altoona Area. High School; Laura Allison, G.A.C.&T.C.; Nicolas McElhinney, Bellwood Antis High School; Abigail Maucieri, Bishop Guilfoyle High School; Abigail Keith, Central High School; Anne Mielnik, Hollidaysburg Sr. High School; Lauren White, Williamsburg High School; Gordon Hollingshead, Bishop Guilfoyle High School, McEldowney Committee Scholarship.

2013 Scholarship Recipients

First Row: Devin Stessney; Bishop Guilfoyle High School, Bethany Hanzir; Tyrone Area High School, Taryn Walker; Altoona Area High School, Cassandra Kensinger; Williamsburg High School, Amy O'Brien; Hollidaysburg Sr. High School, Ashley Shunk; Central High School, Abagail Bouslough; Bellwood-Antis High School, Haley McCready; GACTC (Hollidaysburg) 2nd Row: Rick McEldowney; Trustee, RJ McEldowney; Grandson, Mike McDonough; President, Steffan Wyland; Bellwood-Antis High School, Mark Frederick; Bishop Guilfoyle High School, Jonathan Snowberger; GACTC(Hollidaysburg), Tyler Dodson; Claysburg High School, Eileen McEldowney; Chairwomen, Levi Putt; Tyrone Area High School, Christian Silve; Hollidaysburg Sr. High School, Andrew Brumbaugh; Central High School, Nicalus Harclerode; Altoona Area High School.

2012 Scholarship Recipients

First row- Lydia Baum, granddaughter, Samantha Wrthing, Atoona Area High School; Sarah Bookhammer, Williamsburg High School; Kacie Burk, Central High School; Committee Scholarship; Shalen Perehinec, AAHS; Haley Kelleher, Bishop Guilfoyle Catholic High School;Sierra Weight, Tyrone Area High School; Jessica Hoffman, Tyrone Area High School; and Mackenzie Baker cousin; second row- Don McDonough, vice president; Rick McEldowney, trustee; Josh Kizina, Williamsburg Area High School; Joe Mattern, Bellwood-Antis High School; Patrick Kapfhammer BGHS; Eileen McEldowney, Chairwoman; Committee Scholarship, Zachary Kelley; BGHS; Cory Dutko, AAHS; and Mike McDonough, president. Absent from picture are ALyssya Broome, BAHS;Lydia Fleck and Jonathan Yoder Claysburg Kimmell High School; Symantha Wright, Greater Altoona Career and Technology Center; Mark Cassarly, GACTC, Committee Scholarship and Mandy Echard, CKHS

2011 Scholarship Recipients


Front row- Bobbi McDonoald, Claysburg-Kimmel High School; Alyssa Gallagher, Hollidaysburg Area Senior High School; Amanda Pulcine, GACTC; Kayla Hammel, Central High School; Megan Worley, Bellwood-Antis High School;  Standing: Don McDonough, Vice President; Mike McDonough, President; Jeff Holzer, Bishop Guilfoyle High School; Christian Graham, Hollidaysburg Area Senior High School; Max Adams, Williamsburg High School; Kendall Moses, Claysburg-Kimmel High School; Trevor Hallinan, Altoona Area High School; Zach Burke, Tyrone Area High School; Rick McEldowney, Trustee, R.J. McEldowney, Grandson of Dick McEldowney; Meaghan McEldowney, Grand-daughter of Dick McEldowney.

Pictures of previous winners !

Scholarship Recipients Through the Years

2011 Scholarship Recipients

Trevor Hallinan, Altoona Area High School

 Courtney Walter, Altoona Area High School

 Megan Worley, Bellwood-Antis High School

 Jeffrey Holzer, Bishop Guilfoyle Catholic High School

 Stephanie Kirkland, Bishop Guilfoyle Catholic High School

 Kayla Hammel, Central High School

 Ryan Becker, Central High School

 Bobbi McDonald, Claysburg-Kimmel School

 Kendal B. Moses, Claysburg-Kimmel School

 Amanda Pulcine, Greater Altoona Career & Technology Center

 Ryan Ickes, Greater Altoona Career & Technology Center

 Alyssa Gallagher, Hollidaysburg Area High School

 Christian Graham, Hollidaysburg Area High School

 Zach Burke, Tyrone Area High School

 Tanya Umstead, Williamsburg High School

 Max Adams, Williamsburg High School

2010 Scholarship Recipients

Miranda Wales, Bishop Guilfoyle Catholic High School

Nicole Hileman, Altoona Area High School

Courtney Kensinger, Williamsburg Community School

Kelly O’Brien, Hollidaysburg Area High School

Travis Johnson, Tyrone Area High School

Brandon Koelle, Greater Altoona Career & Technology Center

Aaron Bumbaugh, Central High School

Caleb Silva, Hollidaysburg Area High School

Nick Smith, Altoona Area High School

Mikaela Hornberger, Bellwood-Antis High School

Robert Hocutt, Bellwood-Antis High School

Nathaniel Kowalski, Bishop Guilfoyle Catholic High School

Colleen Garlock, Central High School

Aaron Furry, Claysburg-Kimmel School

Kelsa Harten, Claysburg-Kimmel School; Courtney Schultz

Kalena Payne, Greater Altoona Career & Technology Center and Tyrone Area High School

Justin Bookhammer, Williamsburg Community School


2008 Scholarship Recipents

Kira Boland, B.G. High School

Crystal Decker, Bellwood-Antis High School

Brittney Burns, GACTC

Rebekah Laret, Hollidaysburg High School

Shane Burkett Claysbur, Kimmel High School

Ryan Duffy was given the McEldowney Committee Scholarship.

Jeff Karl, Altoona Area High School

Matt Labriola, GACTC

Ryan Duffy, Altoona Area High School

Mitch Yeager, Williamsburg High School

Chad Crumrine, Central High School

Lindsay Frederick, Altoona Area High School

Mathew Barroner, B.G. High School

Jeff Stuby, Bellwood-Antis High School

Chirsty Staily, Central High School

Monica Iachini, Claysburg-Kimmel High School

Austin Fradeneck, Hollidaysburg High School

Felicia Fisher, Tyrone Area High School

Aaron Cunningham, Tyrone Area High School

Megan Salisgiver, Williamsburg High School


 2007 Scholarship Recipients

Jamie Kensinger, Central High School

Jessica Rabuck, Altoona Area High School

Destiny McClellan, Greater Altoona Career & Technology Center

Rachel Macena Tyrone Area High School

Kayley Ritchey, Claysburg-Kimmel High School

Samanatha Moyer, Hollidaysburg Area High School

Jason Gorman, Greater Altoona Career & Technology Center

Joshua Harkins, Altoona Area High School

Andrew McGough, Hollidaysburg Area High School

Brendan Ritchy, Central High School

Jared Cowan, Bellwood Antis High School

Andrew Robley, Williamsburg High School

Sara Evans, Bellwood Antis High School

Maria Madden, Bishop Guilfoyle High School

Even Fraundorfer, Bishop Guilfoyle High School

Kaleb Fleck, Claysburg-Kimmel High School

Joshua Shaffer, Tyrone Area High School

Chelsey Rhodes, Williamsburg High School


 2006 Scholarship Recipients

Ashley Oswald, Bellwood

Emily Hite, Bishop Guilfoyle

Lauren Carter, Bellwood

Ben Hunamaker, Claysburg-Kimmel

Peter Pullen, Central

Matthew Hoover, Williamsburg

Christopher Bradigan, Tyrone

James Roland, Bishop Guilfoyle

Michael Sell, Hollidaysburg

Kyler Weyandt, Altoona High

Alisha Anderko, Altoona High

Pam Acker, Central

Angel Clark, Claysburg-Kimmel

Kara Yeager, Williamsburg

Ashley Noll, Tyrone

Rachel Morgan, Hollidaysburg


 2005 Scholarship Recipients

Tyler Weyant, Claysburg-Kimmel High School

Nicole Dean, Tyrone Area High School

Katie Marlett, Bishop Guilfoyle High School

Kelly Hallinan, Altoona Area High School

Mandy Detwiler, Central High School

Rachel Mingle, Central High School

Eric Sral, Bishop Guilfoyle High School

Adam Waddell, Altoona Area High School

Danelle Ingle, Bellwood-Antis High School

Melissa Maher, Hollidaysburg High School

Ashley Frye, Williamsburg Community School


 2004 Scholarship Recipients

Daniel Harber, Altoona Area High School

Nicole Keller, Altoona Area High School

Rachael Mattern, Bellwood Antis

Adam Poorman, Bishop Guilfoyle High School

Joanna Boland, Bishop Guilfoyle High School

Emma Straley, Central High School

Sean Svitana, Claysburg-Kimmel High School

Danielee Maher, Hollidaysburg Area High School

Joseph Houck, Tyrone area High School

Richard Caffey, Williamsburg High School